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Gay USA 8 10 16

∎ Guest: Michael Meenan, survivor of sexual abuse at Fordham Prep ∎ Trump joins Rubio at Orlando hate-fest with religious right ∎ Temporary setback at Supreme Court for transgender rights ∎ Lambda fights anti-lesbian treatment in senior housing ∎ Lots of sports news including LGBT angles on Olympics ∎ Gay Syrian refugee beheaded in Turkey… Read more »

Gay USA 8/3/16

In the news this week: ∎ Democratic convention analysis ∎ Mississipi slapped down again for anti-LGBT law. ∎ Setback for cause of sexual orientation discrimination as sex discrimination. ∎ 40 athletes at Olympics are out.

Gay USA 7/27/16

In the news this week: Democratic and Republican conventions address LGBT issues NBA hates North Carolina’s HB2 — withdraws All-Star Game FDA may change blood donation rules

Gay USA 7 20 16

In the news this week with Ann and Andy: ∎ Melania’s plagiarism exposed by an African American gay journalist. ∎ Republican Party nominates virulently Anti-LGBT VEEP ∎ LGBT activists march on Trump Tower to stop hate and guns ∎ Methodists elect first out bishop ∎ California gets LGBT history into schools

Gay USA 7 13 16

IN THE NEWS THIS WEEK: ∎ The Republican platform is most anti-LGBT in history ∎ Washington State will NOT face an anti-LGBT referendum ∎ Good news on the slowing of the AIDS epidemic ∎ A Star Trek character set to come out ∎ The new Hamilton on Broadway is gay and HIV+

Gay USA 6 29 16

IN THE NEWS THIS WEEK: ∎ Millions in Pride marches in defiance of Orlando massacre ∎ Stonewall National Monument designated by President Obama ∎ Some of Mississippi anti-LGBT law struck down ∎ Anti-gay discrimination as sex discrimination gains ground ∎ Guest: Eliel Cruz of Faith in America on Pope’s “apology”

Gay USA 6 22 16

In the news this week: ∎ The world mourns the Orlando atrocity. ∎ We learn more about the killer’s bisexuality. ∎ Fiery activist: “Screw your thoughts and prayers.” ∎ “Christian” ministers call for death for gay people. ∎ Gun control is taken up by gay movement. ∎ Trump meets with 400 anti-gay religious leaders. ∎… Read more »

Gay USA 6 15 16

A ROUNDTABLE ON THE ORLANDO MASSACRE: Ann Northrop Andy Humm Jennifer Louise Lopez, Everything Transgender in NYC Xorje Olivares, writer/reporter Michelangelo Signorile, Sirius XM, author, “It’s Not Over”

Gay USA 6 8 16

∎ Election analysis: Hillary breaks through, Trump sinks ∎ A same-sex marriage recognized 41 years late ∎ Transgender rights win in Massachusetts ∎ Honduran gay leader assassinated ∎ An out gay director named at Met Opera ∎ Two plays to see and two musicals to avoid