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Gabe Gonzalez of is Ann’s guest co-host this week. ∎ North Carolina screws around with our lives in the debate over repeal of HB2. ∎ Other scary state laws loom, especially in Texas. ∎ Trump is still scary, while Obama makes a few quiet good moves on his way out the door. ∎ Bad… Read more »

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∎ Trump’s cabinet a house of anti-LGBT horrors. ∎  Religious right wants the Trump to demolish the Stonewall Inn. ∎ The rainbow flag is becoming a symbol of resistance to Trumpian bigotry. ∎ LGBT and civil liberties groups want Obama to commute sentence Chelsea Manning. ∎ Dr. Burton Lee, the first President Bush’s doctor who… Read more »

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∎ Some great news: the San Antonio Four have been exonerated ∎ LGBT rights win at the United Nations ∎ There is no good news as the Trump administration takes shape as notorious anti-LGBT leaders are named to head HHS and Education ∎ We’ll talk about the rise of fascist violence in the wake of… Read more »

Gay USA Special Edition

This week we present a Special Edition of Gay USA.  For the full hour we invited Blanche Wiesen Cook, author of “Eleanor Roosevelt, Volume 3: The War Years and After, 1939-1962”

Gay USA 11 16 16

∎ The reality of a Trump presidency sinks in and it is bad news on almost every front. ∎ We will talk about the building resistance movement and how to take care of ourselves and each other. ∎ Getting ready to fight anti-LGBT legislation at the state level. ∎ The rise in hate crimes against… Read more »

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∎ The fate of LGBT rights for a generation are on the line in races for President, Congress, and state and local races. ∎ The US Supreme Court takes a big transgender rights case. ∎ The Republican governor of Texas sues to deny marital benefits to same-sex couples. ∎ Dharun Ravi pleads guilty to a… Read more »

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∎ Furor over push by gay donor to drop public accommodations from state LGBT rights bills. ∎ LGBT issues in the presidential debate and in competing political ads. ∎ Log Cabin Republicans dump Trump, but still want a Republican Congress. ∎ Utah is sued over its ban on discussing LGBT issues in schools. ∎ A… Read more »

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∎ Our guest is award-winning playwright Tarell Alvin McCraney, whose story is basis of groundbreaking new movie “Moonlight.” ∎ The Trump campaign is hit for inspiring bias-related hate and violence. ∎ An LGBT rights setback in Louisiana. ∎ Lambda Legal says decriminalize consensual sex work. ∎ An Indonesian gay couple arrested for kissing on Facebook…. Read more »