GAY USA is an LGBT News show made available weekly on a variety of networks and formats. Here is an all inclusive guide of how you can access us on the go, sitting in front of your TV, on your computer or on your tablet.

GAY USA originates from The Manhattan Neighborhood Network Studios in New York City. The program is taped on Wednesday afternoons.

New York City (Manhattan): Thursdays, 11 pm

Spectrum, Channel 34
RCN Channel 82
FiOS Channel 33

Simulcast online on Thursdays at 11 pm,

PhillyCAM on Comcast 66/966HD/967 & Verizon FIOS 29/30 and

San Francisco: Mondays, 11 pm
Comcast, Channel 27 (only during certain times of the year)

Nationally: On satellite/cable systems that carry Free Speech TV programming
Dish Network, Channel 9415
DirecTV, Channel 348

New Free Speech Schedule on Dish Network, Channel 9415
Fridays: 8 pm & 9 Midnight, ET
Sundays: 7 am, 2 pm & 7 pm, ET

GAY USA YouTube Channel

We have a dedicated YouTube Channel with full length episodes of GAY USA. To watch the current show or to watch an episode from our archive, please click here.

GAY USA Audio Podcasts on iTunes

Available anywhere there is an internet connection. There are several ways to access the GAY USA Podcast. You can listen to individual episodes or subscribe to the weekly podcast. You can go directly to the GAY USA website (where you are right now) or do a simple search on the iTunes Store to find us. There are over 150 iTunes Stores around the world. We are available for free on all of them, so tell your friends!!!

To subscribe via iTunes you need to have iTunes uploaded on your computer. Open the iTunes Store, do a search for GAY USA. Click on the picture of Ann & Andy and you have accessed our show, then click on the subscribe button. Every time you open iTunes on your computer, the latest episodes of GAY USA will upload to your iTunes library.

Apple also provides a free “Podcast” app for iPhones & iPads. You can subscribe to our show directly from either of these mobile devices using the “Podcast app.”

Android Devices

If you listen to GAY USA’s podcasts on an Android device, click here to subscribe.


If you have a Roku Streaming Player, you can watch GAY USA and all other Free Speech programs On Demand.

“We were married in New Jersey after you guys told us it was legal! We live in Florida and have been together many years. It is a wonderful feeling to see our own news in our own homes!” – Rita & Clare