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Trump outrages, Boy Scout progress, remembering John Hurt

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∎ President Obama is transitioning Chelsea Manning out of prison ∎ Protests against Trump and his crew intensify, building to the big marches for women (and everyone else) this Saturday ∎ Human Rights Watch says Trump poses a human rights risk to Americans and the world ∎ Republican opponents of Obamacare are literally running away… Read more »

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∎ The new administration and Republican Congress are working to rush through a lot of unvetted, unacceptably anti-LGBT cabinet appointees. ∎ As Barack Obama bids us farewell as President, we look back at his record on LGBT & AIDS issues. ∎ Secretary of State John Kerry apologizes for the department’s persecution of gay people in… Read more »

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∎ Democrats lay out areas where they will resist Trump. ∎ A member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir resigns rather than sing at the Trump inaugural, but the Clintons, Bushes and Carters are attending. ∎ The opposition to Trump’s cabinet picks amp up. ∎ Right wing federal judge halts enforcement of transgender protections in Affordable… Read more »

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∎ Chris Cooper joins Ann at the anchor desk this week. Andy returns next week. ∎ George Michael, pop superstar and champion of sexual freedom for gay men and everyone, dead at 53. ∎ Predictably but shockingly, North Carolina fails to repeal HB2. ∎ We’ll continue to give you a list of reasons to fear… Read more »

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Gabe Gonzalez of is Ann’s guest co-host this week. ∎ North Carolina screws around with our lives in the debate over repeal of HB2. ∎ Other scary state laws loom, especially in Texas. ∎ Trump is still scary, while Obama makes a few quiet good moves on his way out the door. ∎ Bad… Read more »

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∎ Trump’s cabinet a house of anti-LGBT horrors. ∎  Religious right wants the Trump to demolish the Stonewall Inn. ∎ The rainbow flag is becoming a symbol of resistance to Trumpian bigotry. ∎ LGBT and civil liberties groups want Obama to commute sentence Chelsea Manning. ∎ Dr. Burton Lee, the first President Bush’s doctor who… Read more »

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∎ Some great news: the San Antonio Four have been exonerated ∎ LGBT rights win at the United Nations ∎ There is no good news as the Trump administration takes shape as notorious anti-LGBT leaders are named to head HHS and Education ∎ We’ll talk about the rise of fascist violence in the wake of… Read more »